Friday, March 13, 2009


Today was so much better, really school was good...well as good as school gets lol. I did well in Computer Tech, and then did well in Orchestra and the teacher didn't pick on me. A lot of my friends were happy, too. Then I got a 100 % on my Geometry test, and 10/10 on the quiz, and 30/33 on my World Civ test...Then I even got a ride home! Haha, yes it's rather sad when the highlight of your day is getting a ride. Well, no, it wasn't the highlight, but just a happy moment. So, I've finally discovered that Sarah Mclachlan sings that Angel song, a song which just may be my favorite in the world, but yes now I can listen to it. Speaking of singing, I'm considering trying out for Lakeridge Idol this year...I'm just not sure, I really just want to see if my voice is good enough, who knows? Maybe I'll get in, that'd be awesome! But of course people thought I could get into the play too, and that was a bust. Well, not much I can do if my talents are lacking I suppose. Oh, although, without any of my friends I would have a hard time. I just wanted to acknowledge how much I depend on them for my sanity, I lean on them more than they know, they cheer me up without even realizing it most days. Even though they probably won't read this, I still just wanted to mention that.

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