Friday, March 13, 2009


Today was so much better, really school was good...well as good as school gets lol. I did well in Computer Tech, and then did well in Orchestra and the teacher didn't pick on me. A lot of my friends were happy, too. Then I got a 100 % on my Geometry test, and 10/10 on the quiz, and 30/33 on my World Civ test...Then I even got a ride home! Haha, yes it's rather sad when the highlight of your day is getting a ride. Well, no, it wasn't the highlight, but just a happy moment. So, I've finally discovered that Sarah Mclachlan sings that Angel song, a song which just may be my favorite in the world, but yes now I can listen to it. Speaking of singing, I'm considering trying out for Lakeridge Idol this year...I'm just not sure, I really just want to see if my voice is good enough, who knows? Maybe I'll get in, that'd be awesome! But of course people thought I could get into the play too, and that was a bust. Well, not much I can do if my talents are lacking I suppose. Oh, although, without any of my friends I would have a hard time. I just wanted to acknowledge how much I depend on them for my sanity, I lean on them more than they know, they cheer me up without even realizing it most days. Even though they probably won't read this, I still just wanted to mention that.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh My Goodness!!

Ugh, waking up...I'm always so comfortable then something along the lines of either alarm clocks or people gotta come and wake me up from my perfectly grand sleeping and then they even continue to remind me I have school in about a half hour because I once again stayed in bed too late. So, there's waking up on the wrong side of the bed every morning, which is why I harbor a great, great love for Saturday mornings when I wake up at home and know I have no plans, so I can just relax and do practically as I please.

So, this morning I was almost late to school, which immediatly puts my day even lower in terms of my emotional status. To make things "better" I have computer tech A1, and that class bugs me to no end...It's not hard, It's ridiculous! Infact I had Orchestra with our evil teacher today,and he was picking on me for mistakes I never commited, and then the guy I like in that class was acting all odd. My day was crap today, as you can tell, and it get's better... In my next class I had Geometry, where we had our end of chapter test, and a quiz, and I had actually done my homework and we didn't check it, the ONE day I do my homework for that class perfectly on time >:(. Oh then I had World Civ, where the seating chart had been switched, and I am now around people I can carry not only no convo, but absolutely (except for sidney) don't know, and I'm pretty sure they all think I'm odd at my table.

Yeah, school sucked today. The only good thing was lunch, where my friends and I found a bouncy least I love my art project...